Dingley Veterinary Clinic

In association with Southern Animal Health, Dingley Veterinary Clinic offers all Dingley residents an extended service and access to the most advanced team of medical and surgical veterinarians a general practice has to offer. Between both clinics, we are open 7 days a week and you are entitled to 10% off consultations or vaccinations at SAH

Dr Marcus Hayes took over Dingley Veterinary Clinic in 2006 with the aim to introduce Dingley residents to his modern pet health philosophy which questions and reduces the unnecessary retail product push that has become too much the norm for veterinary clinics in recent times.

Our concentration is centred on better health through less products and commercial foods, greater attention to high quality medicine and surgery; and increased hours of operation to avoid our clients needing to attend expensive emergency centres and specialists.

Dingley itself being a unique and small suburb, will never be able to offer such an extensive service on its own; so Dr Hayes has combined the services of the Dingley clinic with that of our larger clinic in Cheltenham – Southern Animal Health.

Although we’re open normal general practice hours, we urge all Dingley pet owners to become familiar with your Southern Animal Health sister clinic at 1251 Nepean Highway Cheltenham.

With linked computer systems and all staff combining to work at both practices, Dingley Village pet owners have the advantage of enjoying all the following services that other clinics don’t offer:

Extended Hours

Combined with SAH, we are open 7 days from 7am to 9pm Monday to Friday, and 7am-7pm Saturday and Sunday! Don’t call emergency centres, call Dingley Veterinary Clinic during these hours


10% off consultations and vaccinations for Dingley clients (residing in Dingley), who attend our Cheltenham clinic

Experienced Team

An expanded team of ten veterinarians with different areas of interest who work together to achieve the best result for you and your pet

Preferred Vet

The choice to ask for your preferred veterinarian

Multiple Vets

The assurance that if your case is difficult, you will have multiple vets working together to achieve a positive result

Remain in Clinic

The assurance that your pet can remain within our clinic for both complicated medical and surgical concerns

Complex Procedures

Access to advanced surgeons for complex procedures that other clinics would send to specialists

Modern Equipment

A wide range of the most modern equipment available including one of Melbourne’s most advanced digital radiology units for more accurate diagnosis

No charge second opinions

Applicable only when mentioned at time of booking. (Pub Holls excluded)


FREE Dental Checks!

Free assessment of your pets dental status when you mention this offer. Including advice on how to minimise the chance of ever needing expensive dental work


So we encourage all Dingley pet owners to become familiar with both clinics and use our Southern Animal Health website to educate yourself to a far more modern and sensible approach to pet health. Go to our Best List to immediately see the difference that our clinic offers you and your pets.

Most clinics list of “better pet health tips” aim to sell you something – our list does the opposite!

At Dingley Village Veterinary Clinic, you have access to one of Melbourne’s best Pet Health Centres that truly has your pets best interests in mind.

We are here to help you and your pets in times of need.