From very minor ailments to life threatening conditions, our pets unfortunately suffer many similar conditions to us humans. They of course also have many unique conditions specific to their own species and even breeds.

The main take home message of any medical concern you may have regarding your pet is simply to ask! If you are unsure as to whether or not a particular problem is of concern, we’re only a phone call away and we can advise you whether or not your pet should be seen or whether it is reasonable to ‘wait and see’.

We offer a full range of medical services from routine annual health checks (plus or minus relevant vaccinations), to complete work up and in hospital treatment of sick animals and cancer patients.

Areas covered include: Inappetance, Vomiting and Diarrhoea, Weight Loss, Skin Allergies, Lameness, Arthritis, Lumps, Cancer, Lethargy, Renal Disease, Heart Failure, Liver Disease, Hyperthyroidism.

Like to know more?

If you would like to know more about us and our services please visit our partner site at Southern Animal Health


Dingley Veterinary Clinic offers all routine and advanced surgery. Standard desexings and day procedures such as minor lumps and abscess drainage are all done on site. We also perform more advanced surgeries such as cruciate ligament repair, luxating patellas, intestinal surgery, thoracic surgery and even advanced cancer surgery including wide margins and rotational skin flaps.

Procedures performed on site include: Anaesthesia, Abscesses, Desexing, Cruciate Ligament Rupture, Intestinal, Laryngeal Paralysis, Major Cancer Treatments, Minor Lump Removals, Sub-Luxating Patella (Loose Knee Cap) just to name a few.

Dingley Veterinary Clinic uses only the most modern anaesthetics and anaesthetic monitoring equipment to ensure the safest possible conditions for your pet. Every surgical procedure has a nurse on hand to constantly monitor the state and condition of your pet.

For more information about any of these procedures, please visit or contact us.


After Hours Advisory Service

Clients often rush their pets to emergency centres unnecessarily when all they really needed was some advice. Feel free to ring us first – even if we can’t see you ourselves, we can often advise on the urgency of your situation.


House Calls

If you can’t get to us, we can get to you. Weekends included!



Puppy Parties

Alan Shepherd runs these popular classes. Alan is a professional dog behaviourist from Secret Dogs Business and can help you in all aspects of puppy and dog training.



We have been utilising the VetPay service here at Dingley Veterinary Clinic for a number of years now. VetPay is
specifically designed to help you pay for your veterinary expenses over time without the worry of high upfront costs. Click here to read more.